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Best holiday deals for Dubai

Dubai is a fascinating city that offers its visitors a variety of contrasts, experiences and attractions. From luxurious shopping and noble restaurants to stunning architectural masterpieces and theme parks, there is something for everyone in Dubai. Choose your favourite holiday package to Dubai from our selection.

Visitors can explore the city's rich culture and history by browsing markets and souks along Dubai Creek or visiting the Dubai Museum. With package holidays to Dubai, tourists can comfortably enjoy these experiences as part of a thoughtfully curated itinerary. Dubai is also ideal for a beach vacation. With so many things to experience, it is no wonder that Dubai has become one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Whether you want to relax on Dubai's white sandy beaches, take advantage of the city's luxurious shopping and dining options, or explore its unique attractions, we offer you the perfect holiday packages to Dubai. With Etihad Holidays, your dream holiday to Dubai becomes a reality.

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Facts & climate

Flight time from London 7 hours
Hot and dry climate
Average 24°C to 36°C
Little rainfall

Weather & stay in Dubai

The best time to visit Dubai depends on the traveller´s preferences. The city is characterised by a warm and dry climate with high temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Overall, Dubai is a popular destination all year round and there are many activities and attractions for every season. Enjoy the warm and pleasant weather in Dubai with our best deals to Dubai.

The winter months from November to April are the most popular ones for tourists, as the temperatures are slightly cooler, and the humidity is lower during this time making it a prime season to book a package holiday to Dubai. The summer months from May to October are the hottest ones in Dubai, when temperatures can rise to over 40 degrees, which may still appeal to those looking for a less expensive Dubai holiday deal.

Transportation – Getting to and around Dubai

In Dubai, there are many transportation options available to get around the city and its surroundings. The most popular form of transportation in Dubai is by car. Since the city's road network is well developed, many visitors rent cars there. Alternatively, taxis, public transport and private transfer services are also available in the city.

The best package holidays to Dubai with Etihad Holidays

Embark on an opulent odyssey to Dubai with our curated collection of Dubai package holidays. At Etihad Holidays, we specialize in crafting the quintessence of luxury travel experiences, offering an array of bespoke package holidays to Dubai that promise more than just a trip — they promise an unforgettable journey.

Looking for the best deals to Dubai? Discover our exclusive Dubai package holiday deals, where every detail is fine-tuned to provide an unrivaled holiday experience for you. From the towering cityscape to the serene sands of the Arabian Desert, our Dubai holiday packages are designed to encapsulate the very essence of this dynamic city.

For those seeking the ultimate retreat, our package holiday to Dubai options include flight with high class airlines, stays at the most prestigious hotels, private tours of architectural marvels, and reservations at the best restaurants offering panoramic views of the city lights. Our package holidays Dubai selection also includes serene escapes to the city’s tranquil beaches and private yacht cruises along the sparkling coastline.

When you book a holiday to Dubai with Etihad Holidays, you’re not just securing a getaway; you’re unlocking a treasure trove of exclusive benefits!

The flight connections for our holiday deals in Dubai range widely from cities in the UK such as Manchester to Dubai and from Irish cities such as Dublin.

Book one of our many holiday packages to Dubai today and prepare for an escapade that will redefine your concept of holiday perfection.

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Discover the excitement and glamour of Dubai with its diverse array of events in 2024, promising something for everyone:

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