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Romantic holidays

Reveal the magic of romantic package holidays with Etihad Holidays

Welcome to Etihad Holidays, where your dream of enchanting romantic holidays turns into a splendid reality. With our meticulously crafted romantic package holidays, we invite you to explore the realms of love and luxury. Whether it's your honeymoon, an anniversary, or a spontaneous gesture of love, our personalized love holidays are designed to create unforgettable moments for you and your significant other. Discover the essence of love holidays with Etihad Holidays and embark on a journey that celebrates your love in the most exquisite manner.

Your romantic holiday in the Maldives


Your romantic holiday in Abu Dhabi


Romantic holidays: Destinations that spark love

At Etihad Holidays, we believe in the power of place to ignite the flames of love. Our romantic holidays take you to the world's most idyllic destinations, where every sunset and every whispering breeze adds to the symphony of your love story. Book your love holidays with our romantic package holidays!

Beach retreats for two

Dive into the tranquility of secluded beaches with our romantic package holidays. Envision strolling hand in hand by the sea at sunset, the perfect backdrop for your romantic holidays. Our destinations blend relaxation and romance, ideal for those on love holidays seeking a peaceful getaway.

City escapes filled with romance

For couples who thrive in the energy of bustling metropolises, our city escapes on romantic package holidays blend the thrill of exploration with romantic indulgences. Discover hidden alleyways, cozy cafes, and panoramic views that create the perfect backdrop for your love story during your romantic holidays. These experiences are ideal for those seeking love holidays that combine adventure with intimate moments, ensuring every city visit enriches your journey together.

The luxury of love: Etihad romantic holidays’ exclusive services

Indulge in the luxury of love with Etihad Holidays. Our romantic package holidays are synonymous with elegance, offering exclusive services that cater to your every desire. From opulent accommodations to personalized experiences, we ensure that every aspect of your love holidays is as unique as your love.

Stay in love’s luxury

Retreat to luxurious accommodations with our romantic package holidays, where comfort and romance blend seamlessly. Our selection, perfect for romantic love holidays, includes secluded villas, boutique hotels or lavish resorts with privacy and top amenities. Wake up to breathtaking views and unwind in private jacuzzis, making your getaway an unforgettable part of your love holidays.

Tailored experiences for two

Personalization is at the heart of our romantic package holidays. Whether you dream of a candlelit dinner under the stars, a private yacht cruise at sunset, or a couples' spa day for your romantic holidays, our team at Etihad Holidays is dedicated to crafting experiences that celebrate your unique bond. Every detail of our love holidays is tailored to create the perfect setting for love, ensuring your getaway is as unforgettable as your relationship.

Celebrate your love with Etihad Holidays` romantic holidays

Etihad Holidays is your gateway to the ultimate love holidays. Our commitment to excellence and passion for creating magical moments ensures that your romantic holidays is nothing short of extraordinary. Embark on a journey where love is the journey and the destination. With our romantic package holidays, you're not just traveling; you're weaving the tapestry of your love story with golden threads of unforgettable memories.

Choose Etihad Holidays for your next romantic holiday and let us take you on an unparalleled journey of love, luxury, and lasting memories. Rediscover the joy of travel, the thrill of new experiences, and the bliss of being in love. With Etihad Holidays, your love holiday is a canvas awaiting the colors of your unique romance. Book now and let the adventure begin.

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