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Last Minute

Harness the Excitement of Spontaneity: Discover the Thrill and Savings of Last-Minute Holidays!

While most travellers plan ahead and book early for their holiday travels, there are those who like the thrill of booking a last-minute holiday. Last-minute holidays are holidays booked exactly as read – last minute. They are booked shortly before the departing date, either 2-3 months before or sometimes even on the same day of departure date.
There are many reasons why someone chooses to book a last-minute holiday. Ranging from unused paid holiday from work about to expire, an impromptu trip to visit family or friends, just needing a break from a stressful year, month, or even day, spontaneity, to just plain old procrastination. But the most popular reason to book a last-minute holiday is savings!! A lot of flight and hotel rates get reduced closer to the day of arrival especially during off peak season dates, or even within peak season itself, in order to entice patrons to book the flight and hotel. They rather have a full or semi-full house with less revenue than no revenue at all. Be aware though, those choosing the last-minute holiday route will not always give you many choices, the hotel you want, the convenience of choosing flight dates or times, or even the destination you wished for. But the savings can make it up for it all. The more flexible you are on the destination and departure date, the bigger the savings.
Bask in the sun on beach island resort in the Maldives, enjoy delicious foods and nightlife of Thailand, or raise your adrenaline levels with a desert safari or enjoy a luxury overnight stay in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, all of this and more can be booked last-minute depending on your flexibility.